Shubham Rajrah

Graduate Student at USC, Proud Trojan, fight on ✌️

Hi! I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California (USC) pursuing an MS in Computer Science.

I currently work as a Technical Lead at an AI Journaling Startup called Airy. I am also a Web Development Student Worker at USC Viterbi's Marketing and Communications Office.

Before moving to LA for my master's course, I worked with Optum (UnitedHealth Group) as a software engineer for about three years. I worked as a full-stack developer on a health insurance enrollment portal for providers in the US. I also had a chance to work on on-premise/cloud ETL data pipelines.

I am adept in technologies used for web development and data pipeline processing. On a broader view, I am proficient in the following domains-

 Testing Automation
 Continuous Deployment/Continuous Integration
 Client Feature Analysis and Solutioning
 Product & Code Documentation

I am interested in designing and developing systems that aim at solving real world problems!

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Walter Patterson


web design

Jan 2023-Present
Master in Science(MS)
Computer Science
University of Southern California(USC), LA, California
GPA - 3.88

web design

Computer Science and Engineering,
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, NCR Delhi
CGPA – 9.30

My Research Interests

My research interests include inter-disciplinary sub-domains of AI.
At USC, my research goals include specializing in AI and context interpretation. The ability of AI to infer context from given data or generate data from context baffles me and excites me.

web design
Computer vision
graphic design
Human Computer Interaction
Deep Learning
app development
Emotions & AI


Do-It-Yourself Recommender System: Reusing and Recycling With Blockchain and Deep Learning

Published - IEEE Xplore100%
application development illustration


Technical Lead

Airy | AI Journalling Startup | Remote

Web Platform

Led the system design and development of Airy's AI journaling web platform enabling realtime conversational sessions with an AI therapist via the OpenAI API.

Directed a team of developers, managing sprint planning and task delegation, while translating complex functional and non-functional requirements into actionable development tasks to deliver a seamless user experience.

June 2024 – Present

Web Developer

USC Viterbi | Los Angeles, CA
app development

Viterbi Marketing and Communnication Dept.

Specialize in website creation, maintenance, and issue resolution for USC Viterbi School of Engineering, while also providing expertise in staff training, project management, and data research review

May 2023 – Present

Software Engineer

Optum (UHG) | Chennai, TN

Healthcare Provider Enrollment Portal

Worked on a product which aims at enrolling healthcare providers for state governments in the US.

January 2022 – Present

Member enrollment and Management

Worked on a product that Extracts, Transforms, Validates and loads large scale data for downstream consumption using related technologies.

June 2020 – December 2021

Longitudinal Data Engineering (LDE)

Worked on big data technologies such as Apache Spark for handling large scale health data for insurance and claim adjudication processes.

Jan 2020 – June 2020

Intern - Full Stack Developer

ProAce International | USA
web design


Built an online Platform for budding Singers & Performers along with functionality to upload videos which can be up-voted by registered users; using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Jan 2019 – Jan 2020

My Skills

I am a quick learner and specialize in multitude of skills required for Data Pipelines, Web Application Development and Product Design


Web Dev

MEAN/MERN Stack - MongoDB, Express, React, Angular, and Node

HTML, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
full stack developer


Maven, Spring Boot
java programming language


Flask, TensorFlow
python programming language


C++ programming language

Big Data

Apache Spark, Spark SQL
apache spark





Create, Modify, and Deploy applications


Jenkins UI, Jenkinsfile

Gaming and Graphics

Unity 3D

Game development using C#

Computer Graphics

OpenGL graphics pipeline, Ray Tracers, Animation

Testing Automation


Robot Framework
Robot, A testing framework


JUnit - Test Framework
junit 5



Stored Procedures, Triggers
Oracle PL SQL


Client Side Browser Storage, Dexie.js



Spark SQL

spark SQL


Roller Coaster Ride Simulation - OpenGL

Built a roller coaster ride simulation using OpenGL, in C++ as part of the computer graphics course at USC - CSCI 420. The program takes a set of spline points as input, creates a curve. It uses Catmull-Rom splines along with OpenGL core profile shader-based lighting and texture mapping to create a roller coaster simulation.

MazeShift-Marauders - Unity - WebGL - Game Dev

MazeShift Marauders is a dynamic maze shifting game. The goal is simple, try to get out of the maze by reaching the destination. But that's not all, you can collect coins on the way and use them to destroy walls if you are stuck. Also, there are Dementors chasing you. Spooky, we know! Have fun playing it.

covid 19 world map data

Crumble Quest: Lexical Leap - Unity - WebGL - Game Dev

2D platformer where you craft your route by solving alphabet puzzles, all while racing against a crumbling ground beneath you!


Built a website during covid to help people who need covid19 resources such as oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, medicines, etc. by connecting them to people who can provide such resources and have posted about them on social media platforms. Used Python-flask and various search APIs to redirect user to social media posts mentioning the resources they need.

covid 19 world map data

Vaccination Slot Booking for Covid19

Provides the user a functionality to register for covid19 vaccination slot booking notification. The user gets notified through an email, whenever there is an availability of slots in their area. Works on an algorithm which consumes an API endpoint periodically to check for free slots, serving each registered user in a non-discriminatory fashion.

covid 19 vaccination data

Recommending Reusing and Recycling DIY Ideas Using Object Recognition

The project aimed at leveraging object recognition using deep learning to recognize waste objects in the image and recommended the user, various ways in which that object could be re-used before discarding it. ResNet50 was used as the CNN architecture, and the model was trained using a customized dataset spanning over 14 classes for waste objects. The recommendation system was built using web scraping in python and Flask framework.

covid 19 world map data

Mentor-Mentee Matching Algorithm

Built a functionality for C.A.R.E (Collaborative Action for Research and Education), a non-profit organization that aims at helping students from minority communities to get a better access to education and research. The algorithm aims at connecting students who need academic help with Mentors who possess the required knowledge and skills taking consideration into various factors such as academic qualifications, research experience, languages known, academic interests, etc.

covid 19 world map data

Web Based Client Management System

Built an online client management system that can be used by registered organizations or free lancers to manage their clients and their information.

covid 19 world map data

Amigo App

A prototype for an AI assistant android application that aims at helping users with their Health, Career and knowledge. Provides customized plans to the user based on their personal data.

covid 19 world map data


Built an online Platform for budding Singers & Performers along with functionality to upload videos which can be up-voted by registered users; using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

covid 19 world map data

Awards and Honors

Honored for achievements in both technical and academic fields, along with active involvement in non-academic activities.

🥇 USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association Scholar 2023-24. USC APAA


Optum Global Hackathon -21
Artificial Intelligence and ML
Team Lead - HealthCera


State-level winner, Robotryst , IIT Delhi


Represented State in Zonal Finals, RBIQ at Mumbai
Attended the INSPIRE-DST Science camp


Presented project “Dream colony”
and “charging shoe” at 20th National Children Science Congress


2nd runner up at Paryavaran Mitra Quiz (National)


National rank -70, Eduheal Science Olympiad

Model United Nations



Delegate, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, United Nations Security Council (UNSC), SRMMUN


Chairperson, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), JKMUN


President, United Nations Security Council (UNSC), JKMUN


Delegate, Republic of Korea, General Assembly, BVCMUN


Delegate, Japan, United Nations Security Council (UNSC), JKMUN
Best position Paper
Best Country Profile




Winner, Vocal Duet category, INNOVATE-18


Winner, Vocal Duet Category, AIIMS PULSE-16




Winner, Stamp Design, Dept. of Posts, J&K, 2011


Runner up, Floral painting Design
Indian Institute of Integrated Medicine, J&K,2009


Consolation, National Painting Competition, NTPC, 2007


Runner up, State Level, Painting Competition, NTPC, 2007

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I am passionate about designing and developing tech solutions. I am equally passionate about creative arts.
If only there was an intersection !
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